FAQ 1: Why isn't Neck King® softer?

Neck King® is hard so to press into the areas you want to work on. However, you can easily soften the effect by placing a folded towel over the bumps, if desired.

FAQ 2: Why is Neck King® so big?

People have different lengths and curves to their necks. If Neck King® feels to high, placing a small pillow under the upper back will raise you up, and will also allow you to move the bumps to the lower neck.

FAQ 3: How long do I need to use Neck King® in one area?

It is recommend to start with a short session and gradually increase the session time - you can get relief in just a minute or two. Using Neck King® daily is a great way to get rid of tension that accumulates throughout the day.

FAQ 4: When the areas aren't tender anymore, should I still use Neck King®?

You can use Neck King® less frequently if there are no more tender points - it's up to you.

FAQ 5: What is the best way to start using Neck King® for the lower back?

To work the back, Neck King® can be used in a seated position, or, to use in a lying position, you can place a small pillow above and below Neck King to support the spine (with your knees bent and your feet on the floor).

FAQ 6: Why aren't there any moving parts on Neck King®?

Neck King® applies a constant non moving pressure, which melts into problem areas and releases them. You can move yourself against the points, as desired, for a more "massaging feel".