Sitting and Sleeping

Did you know that people that sit most of the day will often sleep in a side lying position with their legs positioned similar to sitting.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to start stretching your hip flexors.

Give this stretch a try: 

  1. Start in a kneeling position.
  2. Step your left foot out flat on the floor keeping your foot out further than your knee.
  3. Lean forward with your right knee stretched back behind you.
  4. Place your hands on the front thigh just above the knee and push away arching the body back (you can do this next to a chair to help your balance if you need it).
  5. Repeat this to the other side.

Start with a short session and hold the position with a moderate stretch. Gradually, increase the duration and intensity of the stretch over time.

Do You Get Neck or Back Pain from Sitting in a Car?

When it comes to neck and back pain, you can be your worst enemy.

People tend to get into bad habits all the time and their bodies suffer for it.

Do you rest against the back of the seat or do you lean forward? Do you let your head rest against the headrest? Are your arms reaching far to steer the steering in an uncomfortable position?

These are some things that can make a difference of either being in pain or not being in pain. Now, what can you do?

Adjust the seat a little closer rather than further away will allow you use the back of the seat and the headrest. This will also reduce the reaching distance to the steering wheel. This also helps if your hamstrings are tight by allowing the knees to bend a little more. If your seat doesn't support your lower back by keeping it arched, try adding a small pillow to support it. This is one simple way to put your back into a more relaxed position.