Neck King®

Neck King® is designed to release tension in the neck and back muscles by applying direct pressure to tight and tender trigger points allowing them to release.

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Neck King® Instructions

Check with your doctor if you have any injuries or medical conditions before using Neck King®.

In General

  1. Gently lay on Neck King® and relax - the bumps will melt into the areas of tension.

  2. Neck King® provides two different angles of bumps; rotate to use the other angle.

  3. Use the product on a rug to stop it from sliding around.

  4. Note what areas need to be worked on by the tenderness under the bumps.

  5. Tenderness should decrease or be eliminated with regular use of Neck King®.

  • It is normal to feel tenderness where the bumps make contact with tight muscles.

  • If the tenderness is too intense for you, pad the bumps with a folded towel to your comfort.

  • You also can use in a seated position for a lighter touch.

  • Only a few minutes is needed to release tense muscles.

  • Stop using if you feel any numbness. This could happen if you stay on the bumps in one spot for too long.

Working the Neck

  1. Raise your head and position Neck King® under your neck, with the lower bumps facing towards your body. Keep your neck centered between the bumps.

  2. Relax and let the bumps melt into your tense muscles.

  3. After a few minutes, you can gently rock your head to one side, looking for other tender areas to release.

  4. Stay over the tender areas on both sides of the neck, allowing the tension to release. These tender areas should become less tender with regular use of Neck King®.

  5. Finally, stretch your neck by allowing your head to roll all the way to each side. Hold the stretch and relax. Repeat this several times. This will help increase your range of motion.

Working the Back

  1. Place a pillow under your head so you don't hyper-extend your neck.

  2. Place Neck King® just below the pillow and carefully lower your back onto it. Make sure to keep your spine centered between the bumps.

  3. Relax and let the bumps melt into your tense muscles.

  4. To work each side more intensely, you can bend your knees so your feet rest flat on the floor. Then, gently rock your knees side to side. This will allow you to focus more on one side.

You can reposition Neck King® a little further down the spine and repeat to another area.

A second pillow can be placed at the lower end of Neck King® to support the back and reduce the intensity of the bumps.