Neck King® was invented by Glenn Halvorsen, a licensed massage therapist with over 30 years of professional experience. Glenn has also been a personal fitness trainer since 1981. Over the years of working trigger points and deep tissue massage on his clients to release their tension (with great results), he thought of making a device that would replicate what he was doing with his finger tips.

The Invention

Ultimately, Glenn designed the four points on Neck King® to allow the user to work four areas at one time, with support to the spine, and just the right amount of pressure, to get into the problem areas. By reversing Neck King®, the user can work four different points in the neck and can also work the back differently. Using the higher bumps towards the feet allows the user to focus deeper into the muscles of the back.

After testing several prototypes with different firmness and materials he decided to make Neck King® with a hard plastic, like most of the other good trigger point tools. Also, the plastic is easy to clean and is extremely durable while being lightweight.

Perfecting the Device

Softer materials are not up to the job when you are ready for deeper work - they can't be adjusted. The hard surface of Neck King® is easily adjusted with a folded towel to soften to one's comfort as needed. Once someone gets used to the harder surface, it is unlikely they will ever go back to padding the bumps. Most people tested with the hard plastic seemed to have no problem, although several preferred to start with the folded towel - their choice.

Glenn Halvorsen, Inventor

Glenn Halvorsen, Inventor

If one cannot keep the muscles relaxed, or if it feels uncomfortable to them, they can use a folded towel or use Neck King® in a seated position. Most people when they start using Neck King® refer to the feeling as a "good pain", and notice very quickly the tension releasing, and it doesn't feel as tender.

In Summary

It is recommended using Neck King® in more frequent, rather than in longer, sessions. And remember: most people accumulate tension throughout the day, so using Neck King® on a daily basis for a few minutes is a good way to loosen up that daily tension!