Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Why are the bumps so hard?

Neck King® and The Back King™ apply the needed pressure to create a trigger-point release to your tense muscles. Neck King® has more intense bumps.

Can I start off softer?

Of course! You can easily soften the effect by placing a folded towel over the bumps, until you get used to it.

Why aren't there any moving parts?

Our products apply a constant, non-moving pressure, which melts into problem areas and releases them. You can move yourself against the points, as desired, for a more "massaging feel".

How long do I need work one area?

It is recommended to start with a short session and gradually increase the session time - you can get relief in just a minute or two! Using Neck King® and The Back King™ daily is a great way to get rid of tension that accumulates throughout the day.

When the areas aren't tender anymore, should I continue using the product?

You can use Neck King® and The Back King™ less frequently if there are no more tender points - it's up to you.

Neck King® FAQ

Why is Neck King® so high up?

To be effective, there needs to be enough pressure, and the height keeps your head from touching down, forcing the bumps into your neck.

So, if Neck King® feels too high, placing a small pillow under the upper back will raise you up, reducing the pressure.

How can I use Neck King® for the lower back?

To work the back, Neck King® can be used while seated, or, in a lying position.

Optionally, for the lying position, you can place two small pillows above and below Neck King to support the spine (with your knees bent and your feet on the floor).

The Back King™ FAQ

What are the different benefits of the two sides of The Back King™?

The plastic side has a mild arc, using along the spine focuses releases muscle tension while helping improve posture.

The ball side can be configured to focus on working more specific areas. This side is better while using more active rocking.

How do I use The Back King™ for the Neck?

Lie on The Back King™ lengthwise across the back of the neck placing two tennis balls in the two center bump intersections. You can add extra height by placing tennis balls in the underside corner pockets.